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Pet Dog Basic Obedience

The first course after Puppy Learn & Play in our Pet Dog Obedience Training Streams

Basic Obedience:

For puppies over the age of 4 months or adult dogs with no previous training or needing a refresher course in Good Manners. Basic Obedience is exactly what it sounds like, an introduction to good manners and is a great follow up course to our Puppy Learn & Play classes.

Basic Level 1 Foundations
We will cover the following:

• Focus/Attention/Watch Me
• Targeting/Touch (cornerstone of many obedience exercises)
• Sit, Down, and Stand
• Leash Work (loose leash walking)
• Sit-Stay, Down-Stay
• Go to Your Mat (Settle Down)
• Off-Wait and Take-It
• Recall (the 'Come' cue)

6 weeks, 1 hour/week ... $225.00+HST*

Basic Level 2 Skill Building
We will continue to work on Level 1 Foundations as well as introduce distractions and cover the following:

• Leave It
• Leave it - with Distractions
• Leash Work (loose leash walking)
• Auto Sit on Stop
• Sit-Stay, Down-Stay - with Distractions
• Stand-Stay - Introduction
• Leash Skills - with Distractions
• Drop It
• Drop It - with Distractions
• Recall - with Distractions
• Recall - off Leash

Pre-requisite: DogGone Right! Inc. Basic Level 1 Foundations course
5 weeks, 1 hour/week ... $190.00+HST*

What you need to know before class starts:

• You must provide proof of your dog's most recent vaccination (bring the original and we will make a copy fo you).

• Bring a pair of comfortable indoor rubber soled shoes (runners would be best) as we will be moving around the training room and NO outdoor shoes are allowed inside the training area.

To reserve your space in class please provide full payment.
Payment can be made in any one of the follow ways: via the phone we accept Visa and MasterCard; via internet we accept e-transfer to; in person we accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cheque and the ever popular Cash; via snail mail we accept Cheques payable to DogGone Rgiht! Inc.

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