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Private Puppy Day Training

"private" training for your 4-legged friend

Private Day School

Want a well-trained puppy?
Our Day Training combines the best of basic obedience and good manners training to create a unique and ideal program for your 4-legged friend from the time they come home to 1 year of age.

You will have peace of mind knowing our experienced staff is spending a minimum of 1 hour during the day training your best friend.

This is NOT a replacement for attending a Puppy class or Basic Obedience class but should be looked upon as a helping hand.

Our Day Training program includes...

Age-appropriate games and training:
We break up their day by providing stimulating brain games, basic obedience and good manners training as well as reinforcing settling and relaxing cues/techniques.

Frequent, short training sessions:
Our curriculum focuses on basic obedience/good manners, such as Sit, Down, Coming when Called, Handling, Call offs, Boundary training, Impulse control, Jumping, and Nipping/Biting, to mention a few.

A weekly report card:
Get updates on how your puppy is doing in day training!

Lots of love!


Puppy Day Training is available Monday to Friday between 11:00am-3:00pm.

Your Commitment

To ensure we have enough time to work with your puppy and to make a noticeable difference in their behaviour, we recommend clients commit to a minimum of 8 visits with a minimum number of 2 visits per week.

Private Day Training Pricing: 1 hour/day @ $130 per visit.

Package Day Training Pricing: When you purchase a package of 10 Day Training Visits 1 hour/day $130 per day. (10 Visit Package – $1300 plus HST). The 10 visits must be used within 8 weeks of package purchase date.

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