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Welcome to our Free Info and Advice page. From time to time we post information and advice on dog obedience training techniques, some amusing dog things we want to share and the latest and greatest in training and behaviour modification tools.

Helpful Dog Ownership Articles

Puppy Housetraining »

Author: Margaret Pender, Published Apr 25, 2012

Puppies do not arrive in our homes with the knowledge that the nice soft carpet or the clean hardwood floors are not their personal toilet areas. Learn the Do's and Don'ts of housetraining your puppy and teach your puppy to 'go potty' outside within a short period of time.

Fun Games »

Author: Margaret Pender, Published Apr 15, 2012

Here are some fun games to play with your dog.

Puppy Nipping and Biting »

Author: Margaret Pender, Published May 25, 2012

Is puppy biting normal? Yes! Teach your Puppy Bite Inhibition, How Not to Bite and what to do about Attention Getting Biting

Upcoming Articles

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Teaching Penelope the Pig to Spin & Sit

Training Tip 11

Want the perfect dog? PRACTICE!! Do not expect your dog to improve skills unless you are actively working on it.

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