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Puppy Learn & Play:

Open Enrolment!
This means although we have an 8 lesson curriculum we follow, you may join at any time, no need to wait for the start of a new course and you can choose which classes to attend. Please go to our schedule where you will find the topics listed. Puppy Learn & Play classes are held every Tuesday evening. Your puppy MUST complete classes by 18 weeks of age for large breed and 20 weeks for small breed (under 20 lbs).

Course Focus:
This course focuses on socialization and teaching you, the new puppy owner, about your puppy's body language. Special emphasis on introducing your new family member to all those 'scary items' they have never seen before and don't encounter in their everyday life such as bicycles, walkers, crutches, canes, skateboards, costumes (Halloween). This course is the first one in our Pet Dog Obedience Training Streams.
Puppies have the unique opportunity to spend time socializing with other puppies in play groups while off leash.

We will cover the following:

• Focus or Attention
• Housetraining
• Puppy Biting
• Jumping Up
• Barking
• Chew Toy Training
• Developmental Stages
• Body Language
• Gentling and Handling
• Basic Grooming
• Play (the good, the bad and the ugly)
• Socialization
• Home Alone
• Children and Safety

What you need to know before class starts:

• Puppy Learn & Play is for puppies between 9-18 weeks of age.

Large breed puppies MUST complete classes by 18 weeks of age.

Small breed puppies (under 20 lbs) MUST complete classes by 20 weeks of age.

• You must provide proof of your Puppy's most recent vaccination (bring the original and we will make a copy fo you).

• Puppies must have been in their new home for at least 7+ days and have had at least one set of vaccines prior to starting class.

• Bring a pair of comfortable indoor rubber soled shoes (runners would be best) as we will be moving around the training room and NO outdoor shoes are allowed inside the training area.

6 classes, 1 hour/class ... $262.50+HST*
4 classes, 1 hour/class ... $175.00+HST*

To reserve your space in class please provide full payment.

Our preferred method of payment is via internet where we accept e-transfer sent to; in person we accept cheques, and the ever popular Cash. Please call 416-690-2793 to make arrangements to pay in person.


To view when classes are taking place, view our Schedule of Classes.
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Puppy Do-Right Consultations:

Expecting or have a new puppy in the home? We will show you how to puppy proof your home, as well as go over what to expect in the first few weeks (housetraining, nipping, home alone).

2 hours ... $300.00+HST*

Have questions? Contact us.

Call 416-690-2793 to arrange

*Prices subject to change without notice. Contact us to confirm pricing.

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